The Khandallah Business Improvement District (BID)

Khandallah Business Association (KBA) is funded by a programme with Wellington City Council, by commercial ratepayers within Khandallah’s boundary area.

KBA is an incorporated society with a board elected annually and it represents and supports all businesses in the Khandallah BID area. KBA focusses on supporting business in Khandallah; promoting Khandallah as a place to shop and do business; developing a long term strategic plan for the BID area and advocating on behalf of businesses in Khandallah with Wellington City Council and other organisations.

If your business is located within the BID boundary area then you are automatically a member (unless your business operates from a residential property which does not pay commercial rates).

Khandallah Business Improvement Area

Membership within a BID boundary area include

Business property owners (land owners)
Business owners (leasing space)
Sole traders (leasing space)

Just some of the promotions and activities the KBA have actioned are:

Security cameras –  multiple CCTV security cameras at four sites are operating in the Village to enhance security and safety
Involvement with the Xmas Rotary fair
WIFI in the Khandallah village
Bike racks
Formation of the website –
KhandallahWellington Facebook page
Christmas decorations on the outside of the Khandallah Hall
Christmas carols during a week in December
Fashion parade
Repairs to elephant tiles

Working on at present:

Parklet area
Water bottle fill up
Attracting tourists seeking something to do apart from shopping for the Committees consideration

Associate Membership

Associate membership is welcomed from business located throughout Khandallah and other suburbs who are not in the BID boundary area. Also many residential properties host small business in the wider Khandallah area to whom it would be an advantage to become an Associate Member.

Benefits of Associate Membership: A business listing on our website, Opportunity to be promoted on Facebook where appropriate, Pride in knowing you are part of the Khandallah Business Community.

A nominal annual charge of $150 applies.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member please contact us.

Please note Associate members do not have voting rights at AGM meetings as per our constitution.

For further information please contact the Khandallah Business Association –

Warren Honeyfield (chair)
Phone: 04 478 5796

Helen Flynn (secretary)
Phone: 027 223 6584
Address: 21 Ganges Road, Khandallah