Khandallah BID Camera Security System Operation

Multiple CCTV security cameras at four sites are operating in the Village to enhance security and safety.


1. To maintain and enhance personal and physical asset security and integrity within the Khandallah BID.
2. To assist, where appropriate, public authority maintain law and order.
3. To support or otherwise the reliability of any economic data collected.


1. Being a cloud based fixed camera system the Committee will appoint three access guardians of the system, access via a personal cell phone.
2. No central screen is to be operated.
3. Access requests by external agencies eg. NZ Police to be considered and appraised by two access guardians or one access guardian and the Chairperson.
4. The system stores recorded images for not less than ONE month then deletes automatically on a time basis. Oldest first.
5. The BID will record all requests for access to images or sequences and the result whether approved or declined. It will also record all breakdowns or any malfunction to permit improvements.
6. The BID will provide signs within the BID area covered by the security system advising the presence of cameras and image recording. This information to be published on the BID website and by public notice if considered appropriate.
7. The BID Committee will audit/confirm the success, operation and usefulness annually or as required.